Moving From The UK To Bordeaux In The Aquitane Region Of France

For many Brits, France is the perfect retirement spot, not too far from home and the grandchildren but with desirable benefits simply not available in the UK. For those looking for a new place to call home, France is a beautiful, culturally rich country situated right on their doorstep. With the beautiful surroundings, great weather, and easy going lifestyle that France offers, the biggest decision to make for people who decide to relocate there is where to live. Bordeaux in Southwestern France has plenty to offer people of all ages, not least of all its great food and wine.

Moving to Bordeaux from the UK

Bordeaux, situated on the river Garonne, is a port city and the centre of Bordeaux Metropole that is the 6th largest in France with a population of 796,273. Inhabitants of Bordeaux are known as “Borelais”, a term that may also refer to the city and its surrounds. Delicious food, beautiful architecture, a balanced climate, a train connection to Paris and amazing wine are just some of the amazing things the region has to offer. It is one of the oldest wine growing areas in the world and the great wine it produces stands out even among the best wine growing areas of France. The historic part of Bordeaux that boasts the largest number of historical buildings in France after Paris is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Expat’s Guide to Living in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has  large and vibrant expat community that is well integrated with the multicultural atmosphere of this port city. The main language spoken is of course French but English is fairly commonly used to communicate. However, learning to converse in basic conversational French makes daily life a lot easier, especially if you would like the true experience of living in France.

The airport is located about 5 miles from the centre of the city making international connections easily accessible. It has a lower crime rate than most major British cities. As far as big cities go it offers plenty of opportunities for expats to enjoy the more temperate climate compared to inland destinations thanks to its close proximity to the sea.

The excellent healthcare system for locals and expats is a big incentive and attractive property prices make it a good place to invest in a home. Renting in Bordeaux is not too expensive for those who don’t want to live abroad permanently. Ultimately Bordeaux is the perfect location for those who wish to enjoy a more relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle with good wine and food, a temperate climate and a good balance between locals and expat communities.

Best Areas to Live in Bordeaux 

  • La Bastide, the former industrial centre of Bordeaux, is centrally located close to all amenities while at the same time avoiding the main hustle and bustle of the city. The Botanical gardens is a great place for an afternoon stroll.
  • Cartrons is full of antique shops and great restaurants and everything you need is within walking distance. Much of the property there has been completely modernised in recent years.
  • Cauderan is a family oriented residential area and home to many of the wealthiest inhabitants of the city, evident by the architecture of their homes. It has more than 28 hectares of green space making it great for those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle.

Cost of Living in Bordeaux in 2022

The total cost of living in France is relatively cheap compared to cities in the UK. The average resident in Bordeaux spends most of their money on markets, and restaurants form an integral part of their food spends. Monthly rent comprises about 22.6% of the average Bordeaux resident’s income and transportation takes up about 10.4%.

The average monthly cost of living for a family of four is approximately €3,381 and €1,715 for a single person. Table wine is the cheapest beverage at about €7. Bread costs €1.05 and a litre of milk €0.98. A dozen eggs cost €2.96 and 16 ounces of regular cheese costs €4.88. Gas costs €1.43 per gallon while a monthly public transport ticket costs €41.
These prices are of course subject to change on a regular basis.

Buying property in Bordeaux is generally a good option because prices are low enough to get value for money.  Renting can be a safer option if you are unsure where to settle down permanently. If you are looking for a good European Removals Company, look no further than Edwards European Moving. Get for a Free Moving Quote to Bordeaux here: